DVM & Earth’s Carbon Cleansing Migration

Tiabzu intake and processes occur at depths below the Ocean’s bio-productivity

Going deep solves a variety of complex problems associated with seawater desalination, beginning with avoiding impact on the most basic Ocean creature:


Marine life entrained by shallow water intake and specifically impacted by changes in the ocean chemistry resulting from brine discharge accumulation is phytoplankton. Phytoplankton concentrates along coastal zones. It is the source of >50% of the oxygen for the planet. Phytoplankton releases more O2 into the atmosphere than all land plants combined.

Lungs of the Earth

The rise from and return of plankton to a depth of 900’ is called Diel vertical migration (DVM). It occurs every twenty-four hours. It is a planetary climate regulating process and natural carbon capture. 90% of documented marine life exists in shallower depths.

Plankton’s health is key to stabilizing ocean acidification and global climate change.

Tiabzu operates below DVM – below 900,’ where there exist 90% less marine life, and plankton does not exist.

Compare Tiabzu Desalination Process:

tiabzu subsea desalination process

To Existing Desalination by Reverse Osmosis

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